Great conversation on ANCHORED BY DEATH and the ‘write life’ with Cyrus Webb!

This morning I had the extreme pleasure of experiencing a thirty minute interview on the release of ANCHORED BY DEATH with Cyrus Webb, host of ConversationsLIVE! You can listen in as we talk about Jo Oliver, the writing process, and life in general at the link above.

In addition to enjoying Cyrus himself, I enjoyed our conversation. In preparation for today’s interview, he had read my book, and he had seen the same truths as a reader that I aim for as a writer. Cyrus went right to one of my own favorite scenes in the book where Jo is in a world of hurt and has one of those ‘light at the end of the tunnel’ sort of moments. In this scene, Jo reflects on mortality and the meaning of life while fighting for her life–transporting her to a deepened sense of peace powerful enough to impact the force of evil attempting to destroy her.

Cyrus ‘got’ my intention of creating a deeply flawed character designed to illustrate human frailty–while weaving a story that you can’t put down. He understood my goal of using my imperfect heroine as an ideal backdrop for illuminating the power of redemption in our circumstances, hope in our struggles, and restoration in our spirits, minds, and bodies. We ended our conversation with comments from my acknowledgement page on the power of community–and the life-giving love of family and friends so vital to those of us traveling the oft-lonely writer’s road.

Want to hear more? Hit the link and listen in!


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