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Capsized by Death

Available: December 31, 2019

As police Chief Jo Oliver prepares for her dream wedding in Maui, she must keep a killer with ties to her past from derailing her plans for the future.

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  • Of all the book I’ve read, Jo Oliver is one of my favorite characters. Her down-to-earth, spit-fire personality makes her an exciting character.Amazon ReviewRandy Tramp

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  • Capsized by Death

    The newest Jo Oliver Thriller! Greetings Jo Oliver fans! I am thrilled to announce that Capsized by Death, book 4 of the Jo Oliver thriller series, is coming out in just a few weeks! This latest edition pairs my favorite female police chief with my favorite island. Turns out there’s a lot that can go wrong in paradise—but nothing that a few good, armed and specially trained friends can’t handle. Capsized by Death was a lot of fun to write and…...[ full story ]

  • Anchored by Death is a finalist!
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