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  • Tune in to Catherine on the Radio!

    Catherine is going to be doing several radio shows over the next few weeks. Make sure to stay up to date by visiting her events page .


    Boxfuls of Anchored By Death, third installment in the Jo Oliver Thriller series, arrived at my home this week and hit the shelves today! A thousand thank you’s to Deb Haggerty of Elk Lake Publishing for believing in my stories. A thousand and six thank you’s to my readers for loving the journey as much …[ read more ]

  • And the Winner Is…Affirmation!

    I’ve just learned that SHATTERED BY DEATH has been named a finalist for the 2017 International Book Awards! A few days ago I was notified that SHATTERED BY DEATH was also named a finalist for the 2017 National Indie Excellence Awards. Both awards were under the Religious Fiction category–and I could not be more grateful and excited. …[ read more ]

  • Article from

    As a thriller writer, my Judeo-Christian roots are on display every time I create the classic Good v. Evil scenario inherent in the genre. I love playing with the idea of justice, and choosing whether or not the good girl or guy will win in the end. And I really enjoy the process of creating …[ read more ]


    “This hope we have as an anchor of the soul, a hope both sure and steadfast…” Hebrews 6:19 Greetings from West Virginia as my summer packed full of books and travel rolls on! SHATTERED BY DEATH and CLEANSED BY DEATH have taken me on a whirlwind tour of travel and media events. I am so grateful for YOU! …[ read more ]

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