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  • On Horses and Storylines

    Miss Christie’s little black ears twitch at each note as morning birds serenade us. We start most mornings (God, weather, and coffee supply willing) in our treetop screened porch, nestled under blankets, Bible and journal nearby. Very soon, Miss Christie and I will begin our days from the pleasurable confines of Cosmo, my Class B …[ read more ]

  • Made with Love

    Such light, such joy flows out from this house. It affects all who come here. Do not feel that you have to try and help them. Just love them, welcome them, shower little courtesies and love-signs on them, and they must be helped.-God Calling, by A.J. Russell “I can’t tell you what this means to me.” …[ read more ]

  • Capsized by Death Featured by Liz Tolsma!

    The Story behind Capsized by Death by Catherine Finger

  • Put A Little Love In Your Life…

    Looking for love in all the wrong places? I can help…put a little love in your life by entering the BookSweeps Romantic Suspense Sweepstakes for a chance to win books and more! I’ve teamed up with 30+ fantastic authors to give away a huge collection of Romantic Suspense novels to 2 lucky winners! Drum roll …[ read more ]

  • Cruising into 2020–with the Three C’s

    I realized recently that some of my favorite beings have names beginning with the letter C. I swear I didn’t plan this, and I think it could make for a great blog series, when I get around to it. Especially the travel piece. Maybe next year? But I’m getting ahead of myself.  My own name, …[ read more ]