Happy Sunday!

I’ve been uncharacteristically quiet for the past several weeks during the launch of my Jo Oliver Thriller series. Those of you who know me well know that I love to throw a good party, and I love to play with giveaways, and make up crazy little book-themed momentos to share with readers. I’d every intention of doing all of that and more for the launch of this series. I have not done so–yet. And here’s why.

Two months ago today my mother died. On the same day CLEANSED BY DEATH was released. I knew in the moment that once I’d paid grief’s heavy toll the pairing would seem sweet to me.

Two days from now SHATTERED BY DEATH will be released and I am so very excited and so very grateful. I’d be doing cartwheels and featuring house-size blow up displays of my favorite scenes from SHATTERED BY DEATH in my front yard if I wasn’t muted by grief. My mother used to tell me to “lean into the pain” whenever life dealt me an impossibly cruel hand and I’m leaning into the shadows of her passing now. This ability to face difficult circumstances has made me who I am today and is one of the character traits I strive to illustrate in Chief Jo Oliver.

And by the way, my mother’s mother was named Josephine. Oliver was the maiden name of my father’s mother. So you see how my dear protagonist evokes a deep sense of home, of rootedness, and of powerful women as I write. Gifts of my heritage and I am grateful.

The dedication for SHATTERED BY DEATH reads simply “This one’s for you, Mom.” She was proud of my work, she was proud of my books, and I know she’d love this one.

I hope you do too!

Know that as the shadows of mourning fall away, there WILL be some house-sized, crazy-fun promotions in my future as SHATTERED BY DEATH finds a place in this world.



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