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  • Killer Instincts

    I met a guy! Just this week! The moment we met, he commandeered my heart, mind, and soul. Then he started shaking things up, and demanded a meet with my Chief. Never one to like being told what to do, I resisted the idea, till I learned more about him. Turns out, we have a …[ read more ]

  • Let the Past Sleep, and Go Out Into the Irresistible Future with Him. -Oswald Chambers

    Happy Thursday Faithful Readers! Today I can think of no better encouragement than Oswald Chambers’ February 18 post: “Initiative Against Despair.” Enjoy! “The disciples went to sleep when they should have kept awake, and when they realized what they had done, it produced despair. The sense of the irreparable is apt to make us despair, …[ read more ]

  • God Calling-excerpt by AJ Russell-with my own little Wisconsin twist
  • Dream on…

    Dreams matter. What is your dream? What do you most hope for in your life? What would you do if you knew you could not fail? We all need dreams, hopes, and goals—reasons to get out of bed in the morning—something that makes our hearts sing. What are yours? Have you thought about them lately? …[ read more ]

  • What’s Your Sign?

    Don’t worry, I’m not the type to go around asking strangers for a light, or encourage them to tell me their astrological signs. And while I’d like to tell you that God goes before me with a pillar of clouds by day, and a pillar of fire by night, God’s leading in my life is …[ read more ]