Rise to Meet the Waves

FullSizeRender-2On this Good Friday, I found myself joining Hawaiian elders before 6:00 a.m. for an ocean side meditation. They spoke of the sacred, about how The Spirit is waiting for us to come back to Him—to ourselves—to the earth.

Caught up in the world, we lose touch with our spiritual selves and mute The Spirit’s voice calling us to come home to Him.

All this while the ocean waves pounded behind us.

They invited us to go into the ocean, to the depth that felt safe for each, to be alone with The Spirit, and let Him speak to our hearts.

I’d every intention of just wading to my knees. But the current was so strong it knocked me over into the sand, and I couldn’t stand up with out being knocked over again! I was laughing out loud, as I just relaxed, leaned in to the ocean’s power, and allowed myself to be carried by the waves. They were crazy high, foamy and wild. I had a blast body surfing every time a big one came toward me, and I found myself facing the tides, awaiting the next in joyful anticipation.

And then I heard God speak to me: “Rise to meet the waves.”

He went on in His elegant simplicity: “Ride the waves, and enjoy the ride.”

Ride the waves–and enjoy them. My great Good Friday message.


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